Shouting Truth to Power: A Call to Action from SRTIW

The climate crisis is no longer a distant threat—it is a present reality that we, a group of dedicated scientists on the West Coast of North America, have been observing with growing alarm for decades. Our collective experience has shown us the stark reality of worsening climate data and the detrimental impact of political gridlock fueled by the pursuit of power. Furthermore, we have witnessed how greed-driven messaging has eroded public trust in the scientific community. Given the urgency of the situation, we can no longer afford to engage in disingenuous debates. Instead, we are compelled to raise our voices, speak truth to power, and fulfill our moral obligation to preserve the living systems of our planet.

I am a member of Scientist Rebellion Turtle Island West, and I will use their voice for the remainder of this article.

Who We Are: Scientist Rebellion Turtle Island West

Scientist Rebellion Turtle Island West (SRTIW) is a dedicated subset of Scientist Rebellion Turtle Island (North America), which in turn is part of the global movement, Scientist Rebellion International. Our mission is akin to dogs barking wildly as a giant tornado approaches our city, while the villagers inside the city walls, preoccupied with their festivities, respond with irritation rather than action. In light of this, we have resolved to bark directly at the villagers, aiming to disrupt their complacency and awaken a sense of urgency.

Our Core Activities

Scientist Rebellion is an offshoot of Extinction Rebellion, founded out of a deep concern for environmental justice, planetary boundaries, and the far-reaching impacts of climate change on Earth’s living systems. We are also acutely aware of the psychological barriers that prevent humans from addressing existential threats. Our overarching strategy involves shedding light on these critical issues by targeting high-leverage, high-impact audiences through the most effective means at our disposal. This includes:

  • Protesting against enablers of climate catastrophe.
  • Contributing our educated voices to societal decision-making.
  • Writing op-eds and crafting impactful messages for the public.
  • Collaborating with like-minded groups to amplify our impact at protests and share innovative ideas.

The Spirit of Participation

Active participation is the lifeblood of our organization. We recognize the psychological toll of climate angst and believe in supporting one another through humor, motivation, and collaborative effort. Our members engage in a variety of activities based on their comfort levels and skills, from videography, poster creation, and artwork to marching in protests, playing bucket drums, and engaging in “kayactivism.” Some of our members also participate in more direct actions that may involve arrest. Regardless of the role, every contribution is vital to our collective effort to raise awareness and drive change.

Passive membership offers little benefit in our group. Engaging actively not only makes the experience more fulfilling but also ensures that we remain effective in our mission. We encourage our members to periodically reflect on their contributions and aspirations within the group, and we collectively strive to support each other in achieving these goals.

A Story of Interest

SRTIW joins Oil and Gas Network, Extinction Rebellion, and others to make a point on the Sacramento Bridge.

Join Us

In conclusion, we know that if activists like us cease our efforts, the chances for mitigating the climate crisis diminish drastically. We urge fellow scientists and engineers to join us in this critical endeavor. Let’s work together to amplify our impact, bring attention to the climate crisis, and drive meaningful change.

If you are a scientist or engineer committed to addressing the climate crisis, send us a note. Let’s discuss how you can contribute to our mission.

Visit our site at Scientist Rebellion Turtle Island West.

About the Author: Rodney Hartfield Thomas, Ph.D., is an electrical engineer and computer scientist with a profound commitment to advancing technology and environmental sustainability. Rodney has a unique perspective on the integration of technology in solving complex problems. His professional experience at Saalex Solutions Inc., coupled with a role in DevOps and machine learning solutions for the United States Navy, informs his insightful views on the intersection of technology and environmental advocacy. Rodney’s passion for artificial intelligence, photography, and filmmaking further enriches his approach, blending technical expertise with creative expression to promote a sustainable future.

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